My name is andrea bonvicini D.o.p. / Art Director. Born in 1982, Italy.
My background includes Art Direction, Direction of Photography, Video and Sound.
I have studied in the most prestigious schools and institutes world wide:

  • direction of photography @ “ASC” (American Society of Cinematographer), Hollywood – Usa
  • cinematographer @ “nyfa” New York film academy,new york – Usa
  • marketing and communication @ Luigi Bocconi university, Milan – italy
  • design and photography post production @ “IED” Istituto Europeo del Desgin, Milan – Italy
  • audio engineering @ “LSS” London School of Sound, London – United Kingdom
  • frequencies and audio synthesis @ Big Brain Studio, Berlin – Deutschland

Among many others, I’ve been involved in the production of many media and artistic products and i can organize and take care with extreme precision and passion every single aspect related to the creation of film and media.

I’m used to a very intense workflow and very short deadlines, I have a complete knowledge of the ethic rules needed in this kind of working environment.

I’ve been in the entertainment business for more than 10 years, my family has more than 50 years of business management successes, so i’m very focused on keep on rising my family’s record.