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Best creative lomo camera?

The retro looking Harinezumi 2+++ is a built for artists camera.

It is a little pearl in the desert, very undervalued at its release and, like all good things, appreciated and reevaluated over time. Produced in Tokyo, the camera expresses a truly unique color rendering. It is shaped like a roll of 110 film and is equipped with 10 creative effects and multiple exposure modes. Harinezumi 2 +++ shoots in different frame rates, and enables the user to create a vintage looking movie like super 8 retro style videos.

Example frame form video footage

Its size gives the possibility to take a creative movie on the spot, furthermore you can control the sound by switching it on/off. This japanese device in its second version since the original one, has been used by famous artists and musicians from allover the world to produce amazing digital wonders.

Personally, I used the  Harinezumi creatively in a movie mounted on my Red Helium (using a magic arm) to have the double perspective of the actor, creating a double look a the same time: the vision of the present and the vision of the past.

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