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Introducing VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED

The new VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon is the simplest color correct lighting product available. Years in the making, just 3 simple components make this minimal light source created exclusively for cinema and tv production. At its core, the new VHO Pro LED emitters are a design breakthrough. We have created a beautiful, full spectrum, white light that renders skin-tones and colors to their natural state. VHO Pro emitters are fully color-correct and blend freely with legacy tungsten and fluorescent units as well as modern high-end LED fixtures from Arri, Mole Richardson and others. VHO Pro emitters are the first LEDs to bring high CRI, full spectrum color-correct white light to what we call low-output LED products. Typically reserved for high wattage and high cost LED fixtures, the new VHO Pro line brings color-correct white light into the affordable range.

Grab the all-new VHO Pro LiteRibbon catalog complete with all 24 variations including mechanical, and optical specifications. PDF catalog download


Genuine VHO Pro LiteRibbon™ is available in 24 variations. There are TWO densities, Hard 120 and Soft 60. FOUR widths, single, double, triple and six rows wide. And, THREE colors of full-spectrum white, Tungsten, Daylite, and tunable-white Hybrid.

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Post production - Software

Red Giant Introduces Major Updates with Universe 3.0

Red Giant Universe 3.0 brings more video effects and transitions plugins for motion graphic artists and editors.

With a focus on UI and text tools, Red Giant has officially released its Universe 3.0 with a new Universe dashboard and over 75 tools supported across 8 host applications – including most notably Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Let’s take a look at this new Red Giant Universe 3 and their new library of effects and presets including five new text generation effects.

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