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New CiNX Series by Miller

Miller Tripods, a leader in the production of innovative camera support solutions, will unveil its new CiNX series, a new line of Fluid Heads at IBC 2019. The series is composed of durable and lightweight fluid heads packed with features designed to meet all the needs of a cinematographer at an affordable price. CiNX 3, CiNX 5 and CiNX 7, the tree variations of CiNX line, will have a wide payload range that is going to enable accurate counterbalance of multiple camera sizes, lenses and accessories, increasing the flexibility of use.

With a payload range from 1kg (2.2lbs) to 19kg (41.8lbs), the new CiNX 3 is ideal for meeting the needs of cinematographers with lighter rigs, requiring less pan and tilt drag (5+0 positions). The second variation, Miller’s new CiNX 5 fluid head has a payload range of 2kg (4.4lbs) up to 21 kg (46.2lbs) and pan and tilt drag 7+0 positions—ideal for lighter rigs that require more pan and tilt positions. Last but never least, the CiNX 7 is the ultimate fluid head for heavier rigs that require more positions of pan and tilt drag, with a larger payload range of 6kg (13.2lbs) to 25kg (55.1lbs) and pan and tilt drag 7+0 positions.

All the variations of Miller’s new fluid head lineup feature a sideload platform, with safety lock, which enables the rapid deployment of several sizes of camera rigs, as well as an extended camera plate range of movement to balance front-heavy setups. Additional features of CiNX Fluid Heads include large brake lock levers and a single heavy-duty telescopic pan handle, with an optional second pan handle mount for increased control. For simplified mounting, the CiNX fluid heads are adaptable to a Mitchel base plate (100mm or 150mm ball leveling) and include a removable ball level stud, which allows for flat base mounting with 3/8” screw thread.

A key feature of the CiNX series is Miller’s patented 16 CB Plus™ technology, a unique sequential counterbalance design resulting in accurate and rapid setup. With 16 positions of counterbalance, the new series provides very fine, repeatable balance, which is ideal for cinematographers requiring frequent and fast re-rigging. To ensure smooth capture, the CiNX range deploys a fluid drag system, with smooth start and soft stop technology, and balanced diagonal transitions, as well as precise floating pan-tilt caliper locks to ensure bounce-free on-off performance. It also features illuminated bubble level and pan-tilt drag controls,making Miller’s new fluid heads an ideal solution for environments with limited light source. To further improve the user experience, the pan, tilt drag and counterbalance controls are all located at the back of the head in one location.

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